• $ 38.00 SGD

The position of the center of gravity of the dart can be seen at a glance.
Adjust the position with the adjuster so that the lower memory is in the center.

If the barrel is placed in the center of gravity (CoG) and the memory becomes the center, that is the center of gravity.

CoG can be used not only with the barrel alone, but also with the shaft, flight, and tip (point) set, so you can check the center of gravity after setting at a glance. 

It is possible to check the position of the center of gravity by measuring, not by feeling, so it is easy to change the shaft, flight, and tip (point) according to the way you throw and fly. 

Use the adjuster on the back of the rail to adjust it so that it is level. Place the darts and adjust the position so that the memory is horizontal


Supports up to a maximum diameter of 8.5mm 

Product does not come with dart set.

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